Lovick Scott Architects


“The notion that what went before must govern what comes next is cultivated to stop some people thinking for themselves.” – Anonymous

Lovick Scott Architects was a partnership between Peter Lovick, formerly of PJ Lovick Architect, now retired and Andrea Scott, who worked under his mentorship for over 15 years. Over this time, Peter, Andrea, and their team have forged a design philosophy that melds their unique perspectives and aesthetic signatures. Whether it’s a commercial building, a mixed-use residential midrise, or a restaurant; every design is built on a foundation of 30 years of expertise in the industry and a drive to constantly evolve in architectural, construction, and environmental technology.

Lovick Scott Architects has developed a rich client base built on the belief that the design team, of which the client and their voice is the foundation, must work together through every step to create innovative and integrated design solutions. We believe the key is not only communication, but to have client engagement throughout planning, design development, and all other phases of the project. The Lovick Scott team are very proud of the fact that over 95% of our customers return to collaborate on another project – proof to us that our primary emphasis on client service is worth coming back for.